When to throw out clothes

Discover when it's time to say goodbye to old clothes and declutter your wardrobe. Learn how to identify signs of wear and tear and create a clutter-free closet that sparks joy.
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Do you ever just inexplicably hang on to stuff, unable to part with it? This is an extreme example, but if you've ever watched an episode of Hoarders, you know that an abundance of stuff can really weigh a person down. As annoying as it is to weed through our stuff twice a year in preparation for ou

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It's Murphy's Law - you buy something new, wear it once and somehow manage to get a stain on it that won't come out. Coffee on white seems to be a big one at the Canvas Office. This stain charts has to be one of our favorites. The person that created it is pretty much genius in our book.

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I've been wanting to make this post for a VERY long time, but it took A LOT of photoshopping and even more research! I wanted to show you guys how radically different one person can look if they follow the rules of having the "perfect body": throughout the ages. It really puts into perspective how today's perfect body can only be achieved through plastic surgery for most women!!

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