Watercolor portraits

Discover stunning watercolor portrait ideas that capture the essence of your subject. Explore different styles and techniques to create your own unique masterpiece.
Gestural Brush Strokes and Focused Color Palettes Form Watercolor Portraits by Nick Runge | Colossal Draw, Drawing Tutorials, Sketches, Portrait Drawing, Portrait Art, Art Reference, Ilustrasi, Drawings, Kunst

Los Angeles-based artist Nick Runge paints watercolor portraits of people and human skeletons in a unique style that blends elements of abstraction with hints of realism. Soft edges of layered shapes and blended flesh and bone tones present all the visual information required to see features, without crossing into the realm of photorealism. “I do sketch out the composition first, but I try not to have any kind of formula,” Runge tells Colossal about his painting process. More

Crow Man