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The G-SHOCK GA-B2100 Series is a new line of G-SHOCK watches that combines the classic design of the DW-5600 with modern features like Bluetooth connectivity and solar power. In this hands-on review, we take a closer look at the GA-B2100 Series and see what makes it so special. Click here to learn m

10 of the best digital watches you can buy in 2020, Part 1, including Braun, G-Shock, Hamilton and HD3 - Time and Tide Watches Boundless, Buy Watches, Brushed Steel, Hamilton, Corner, Hobby, Can, Best, Brushed Metal

Digital watches may not be mechanical masterpieces that harken back to the romanticism of time-telling from a bygone era. But they’re an increasingly exciting corner of the hobby we love, and what they lack in pedigree and soul they make up for in almost boundless functionality. If you look down at your wrist right now … Continued