Discover the beauty and elegance of the Waltz. Join us to learn the basic steps and techniques of this timeless dance. Start waltzing your way to grace and confidence on the dance floor.
The waltz - beauty, elegance, and grace on the dance floor.    (Ballroom Dance, DanceSport) Waltz Dance Drawing, Waltz Pose, Dancing Couple Drawing, Dancing Drawing Reference, Dancing Pose Reference, Dancing Reference, Dancing Pose, Dancing Drawing, Dancing Poses

Waltz in Swing Time: A Lindy Hopper Explores the Waltz | ATOMIC Ballroom | Irvine, CA in Orange County (OC)

I have always loved and admired the grace and beauty of the waltz. Watching couples elegantly circle the dance floor in perfect time reminiscent of an age often romanced, although watching couples waltz, it's not hard to see why. After writing and researching the differences between International and American Ballroom, I started delving into the

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