Volleyball passing drills

Enhance your volleyball passing abilities by practicing these top drills. Develop your technique and accuracy to become a more valuable player on the court.
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“Stay low!” “You’re standing up!” “Use your legs!” “Shrug your shoulders!” “Get down!” You know you’ve said one (or all!) of these phrases before. But if you find yourself saying it over, and over, and over again, maybe verbal feedback isn’t working? That’s why I like to run the drill “Feel the Bu

Nicki Seevers
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Beginner volleyball drills for coaches and players. It's important for beginner volleyball drills to be engaging. Volleyball players and teams need to have fun in order to stay focused during practice. Here are some drills to help keep players motivated and inspired to keep practicing for volleyball. #beginnervolleyballdrills #volleyballdrills #funvolleyballdrills #volleyballhittingdrills #volleyballsettingdrills #volleyballpracticeplans

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