Vodka soda recipe

Discover the perfect vodka soda recipe to quench your thirst. Try these easy and delicious recipes to elevate your next gathering or enjoy a relaxing evening at home.
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4 Ways to Upgrade Your Vodka Soda

The Vodka Soda is pretty much the un-cocktail. It’s typically meant to be as tasteless and chuggable (is that a word?) as possible. Admittedly, most of the time when I thought of a Vodka Soda, I thought of a drink meant to induce drunkenness with as few calories as possible. And that’s about it. I definitely dismissed it altogether for a while there. But it was actually my aversion to it made me want to do some tweaking and throw a few back in the name of R&D. After trying a bunch of easy…

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Low Calorie Vodka Soda - Lose Weight By Eating

These Low Calorie Vodka Sodas are just 131 calories, and have 0g of sugar and 0 carbs!Plus, I have supplied you with lots of yummy garnishes to get creative with your vodka soda drinks. Special Tip: I like to make these in a tall glass. It makes me feel like I get a bigger drink with no extra calories. But you can make it in a short glass if you prefer.

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Dirty Shirley

Dirty Shirley cocktail is a fun alcoholic twist on the Shirley Temple childhood favorite! This drink has become popular in social medial and viral for its throwback flavors of lemon lime soda, cherries, and grenadine. A fun vodka drink recipe!

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