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Visual merchandising is the key to retail sales success - and it all happens in just eight seconds! That is how little time a store has to make an impression on customers, and the way products are displayed can either entice them to buy or turn them away.

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Visual merchandising or VM as it's known in the biz. So crucial for your store's success. You need to make sure your VM is on point and besides having the right product mix and best customer service going around it is one way to increase sales immediately. I have listed the 5 top tips here

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Seven secrets to merchandising styling and display for a show or market or retail store to help visually grow your retail business with merchandising,styling and display for your shop, show or market, and small retail business.

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Is your business losing customers? Have your customers ignored your merchandise? Does your shop get a lot of traffic, but hardly any sales? Do people scan your store from the entrance and leave?

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Visual merchandising is the practice of making your products look good. Let’s look at some universal principles that apply to both brick-and-mortar and online stores.

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A common mistake craft show vendors make is trying to use every square inch of their space. In an attempt to optimize sales, they fit as much product on their table as possible. But doing so can have the opposite effect and actually harm sales (and your brand). What is negative space? Negative space...

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