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Explore a wide range of vintage Fisher Price toys and collectibles. Relive your childhood memories or start a new collection with these timeless treasures.
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There are two things that keep my spirits up when everything seems to be going wrong—daydreaming and nostalgia. If you’ve got the blues, there’s nothing like cuddling under a warm blanket, grabbing a mug of hot tea and some childhood snacks, and thinking back to the good old days. (Preferably with an old movie, game, or soundtrack to help you get in the right mood.)

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Remember all of that Fisher Price stuff we had as kids in the 70's? I never had this cash register with the thick coins, but I sure wanted it! All kids want to push buttons, plain and simple. I think every 70's baby had this rattle... and the good old xylophone... and every baby even TODAY has this rock stack rings thingie...the rings float in the bath! I didn't have this apple, but lots of other kids around me did. When you shook it, there was a little bell sort of thing inside... This…

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​This Cash Register Is Inspired By The 1975 Fisher-price™ Cash Register That Was An Instant Hit. kids Will Love The Real Cash Register Play! The Cash Register Comes With Brightly-colored Coins That Teach Children How To Count And Recognize Colors. watch The Coins Come Down The Ramp, Turn The Crank To Hear The Bell Ring, And Watch The Drawer Open! The Fisher-Price Cash Register Will Create Hours Of Play For A New Generation. Ages 2 Years And Up. Number of Batteries: 3 Learning Skill: Sights…

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