Vintage Caravan

Explore the charm of vintage caravans and plan your next adventure with style. Find top ideas to transform a vintage caravan into a cozy and nostalgic getaway.
Retro Caravan Renovations

We renovate vintage caravans, maintaining the unique retro style of each vintage van whilst incorporating a designer coastal influence so you can experience the outdoors whilst still adding a touch of luxury to your camping adventures.

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See how this couple transformed an abandoned caravan into the perfect holiday home - Your Home and Garden Inspiration, Interior, Home, Design, Caravan, Caravan Home, Caravan Conversion, Caravan Renovation, Caravan Renovation Diy

Lynelle and Josh Olson had always dreamed of travelling through the South Island, so when the opportunity to adopt a dilapidated caravan came along, they couldn’t believe their luck Meet & greet Lynelle Olson (business development manager) and Josh Olson (project manager and builder). What made you decide to get a caravan? Since we got …

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