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Champagne Tower from a Glamorous Old Hollywood Vintage Birthday Party via Kara's Party Ideas | (5)

You are sure to be dazzled by this party submitted by Lucia Philip of Something Wonderful Happened out of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia! Glamorous Old Hollywood Vintage Birthday Party Here are the breathtaking details from this party that you won’t want to miss: Red Velvet Curtain Backdrop Vintage Hollywood-inspired Ruffle Cake Champagne Tower/Stacked Drink Glasses Dessert Cups topped with chocolate bars and truffles Shimmering Macarons placed in jewelry boxes and beautiful Sugar Flowers…

Chauncey Karwofodi
A delightfully fun vintage birthday party paper plate. #vintage #birthday- I remember these plates. Retro Birthday Party, Vintage Birthday Party, Vintage Birthday Parties, Party Plates, Birthday Party, Vintage Birthday Plates, Birthday Plate Ideas, Birthday Plates, Birthday Plate

Hello! I'm excited to share this week's thrifting finds... here they are: I got all this from two thrift stores and one estate sale. At one of the thrift stores, I bought (among other things) four straw hats. I felt a little embarassed, ha ha! Like the clerk would think I was the crazy hat lady or something. But oh well! The first one I found to be very cute because it had "Ponderosa Ranch" stitched on it. It looked old and so charming in a way! Looking into it, it seems to be from the 50's…

Joanna Bryant

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