Vinaigrette recipe

Take your salads to the next level with these delicious vinaigrette recipes. Discover how to make homemade dressings that will enhance the flavors of your favorite greens and vegetables.
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This super simple red wine vinaigrette recipe comes together in just minutes and requires only a handful of pantry staple ingredients! Enjoy the sweet tang of red wine vinegar balanced with fruity olive oil, Dijon mustard, fresh garlic, and dried herbs. This vinaigrette will transform your favorite salad into a showstopper.

Sarah Mace
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I am a salad dressing snob. It's true. I never even liked salads until I was practically in my 20s. At 19 years old I had a chance encounter with a Caesar salad tossed with a dressing made from scratch and a choir of angels sang from heaven with each bite. I finally understood what all the fuss was about and my life was changed forever.

Natasha Price