Vegetable garden planting guide

Start your own vegetable garden with this comprehensive planting guide. Learn the best practices, tips, and tricks to ensure a successful harvest of fresh and healthy vegetables.
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How to Select Companion Plants for Your Garden Tower® 2 Planting System Companion planting allows you to select plants that benefit each other in different ways. Moreover, many common garden plants have allelopathic effects. This means they can slow the growth of certain types of neighboring plants! The composting vertical Garden Tower® 2 planting system is the definition of a companion planting system. 50 plants in 4 square feet at six elevations guarantees plant-to-plant interactions at…

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Download your free printable companion planting guide here. No site subscription required. Learn how to plan your garden with companion planting in mind. #companionplantingguide #freeprintablecompanionplantingguide #whatiscompanionplanting #companionplantsforlettuce #HowToCompanionPlant

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