Vegetable croquettes

Try these mouthwatering vegetable croquette recipes that are perfect for any occasion. From crispy potato and veggie croquettes to flavorful mushroom and lentil croquettes, discover the best recipes to satisfy your cravings.
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This is one of the best and tastiest ways to use up left over roasted vegetables from our previous roast chicken meal. A Croquette is a small, fried food roll with its main ingredients usually being mashed potatoes or ground meat (veal, beef, chicken, or turkey), fish or vegetables often encased in bread crumbs. The Croquette is usually shaped into a cylinder or disk, and then deep-fried. Croquette (from the French word croquer, "to crunch") gained worldwide popularity as they are great as…

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Kid Friendly Spiced Vegetable Croquettes Side Dishes, Pickles, Vegetable Croquettes, Pickle, Batch Cooking, Dishes, Spiced Vegetables, Dish, Croquettes Recipe

Easy for little ones to pick up but still packed with the goodness my boys have been getting from their favorite veg purees. These kid friendly spiced vegetable croquettes have been a real hit, and are perfect for batch cooking and storing in the freezer. Great for BLW and party appetizers alike!

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