Vegan pizza

Indulge in the mouthwatering flavors of vegan pizza with these irresistible recipes. Discover creative plant-based toppings and crust options to make your own vegan pizza masterpiece.

The absolute best thin crust vegan pizza dough recipe you’ll ever need - easy to make using the cold water method and simple ingredients: organic all purpose flour and instant yeast. Freaking good pizza!

Shirley Rasely
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Everyone should know how to make delicious homemade pizza crust from scratch! The crust and vegan mozzarella are entirely homemade. This vegan mozzarella is made from cauliflower and is nut, soy, gluten, and oil free. Use a store-bought sauce and add in a bit of extra seasonings and spices to bring it up a notch.

J Mad
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Make these drool-worthy vegan pizza recipes for the whole family and never miss dairy cheese again! Find simple combinations as well as creative topping ideas in this article. The following quick hummus pizza takes only around 15 minutes to make and is the perfect lazy dinner idea!

Christy Hall