Value in art

Uncover the true value in art with these inspirational ideas. Find unique ways to appreciate and incorporate art into your life for a more enriching and fulfilling experience.
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After nearly a decade of teaching secondary students, I've had a lot of time to test out a variety of 2d art projects. Let's face it: as teachers, sometimes we plan and plan and plan. We are so excited to deliver the project, and then... it flops. Students are uninterested and the final products aren't

Liv Ross
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These value scales were done by my 2nd year 2-D kids as a warm-up exercise at the beginning of the school year. Yeah, I know I'm very late in posting them. See if you can find the scale in this first piece by junior Belinda Wu. This is her first year with me and she is coming to me with exceptional skills. She has cleverly hidden the scale in her table tops. Her attention to detail and her shading abilities are remarkable. This next piece by senior Halah Elsahhar is lovely. Her craftsmanship…

Audrey Squires
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The interplay of light and shadow contains the secret to producing brilliant and moving works in the enthralling realm of art. Understanding and expert use of value—the spectrum of tones from light to dark—play a crucial part in the overall impact of any artworks visual appeal.

Teresa Venters