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The interplay of light and shadow contains the secret to producing brilliant and moving works in the enthralling realm of art. Understanding and expert use of value—the spectrum of tones from light to dark—play a crucial part in the overall impact of any artworks visual appeal.

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What is Value and Tone in Drawings? Understanding value and tone in your drawings, and how to use it, will empower you to produce more powerful drawings, and represent what you want in your work more dramatically. This article will provide you with an in-depth description of what value is, and how to utilize it

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I know what you’re thinking. Just another watercolor pear painting… Right ? Overused and not very original ! But pears, like many other fruit and vegetables, are really useful forms for studying some of the fundamentals of watercolor painting. They generally have a very simple shape, so even if your outline sketch isn’t accurate you’ll

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