University survival kit

Prepare for university life with these must-have items for your survival kit. From study supplies to dorm room essentials, make sure you're ready for any situation.
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This post: 32 DIY High School Graduation Gift Baskets Grads Will Love / Post Updated 2/2024 With graduation season fast approaching, you may be looking for a fun and unique…

Erin Clark
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Giving gifts stresses me out. I want it to be personal and creative. I want it to be useful and practical. I want it to be pretty. But I am poor so ultimately I would like it to be affordable. This is a hard combination to land on and frankly I do not often succeed. There have been a few knock out gifts that I could not help but share the idea. Honestly, I get most of my basic ideas from pinterest and modify it. My all time favorite present was one we blogged about over on my best friend and…

Jan Arens