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Beautiful Custom Guitars by Jamie Ghio Sanches and Mike Braunewell Guitars, Hard Rock, Metal, Electric Guitars, Acoustic, Guitar Amp, Cool Electric Guitars, Guitar Porn, Electric Guitar Design

Jamie Ghio Sanches and Mike Braunewell are based in--of all places--Gibraltar! They have backgrounds in music and car modding which come together well when they make these completely functional guitars. Sanches is responsible for carving the bodies and installing the electronic components. Then Braunewell paints them.Their website, Sword Design, appears to be down right now. But you can view more large photos of their work at Design Boom....

Bruno Oliveira
40 Beautiful and Creative Guitar Artworks - Bored Art Vintage, Guitar, Guitar Design, Guitar Art, Ukulele Art, Guitar Artwork, Guitar Painting, Ukulele Design, Bass Guitar Lessons

Have you ever noticed how the world of art keeps expanding all the time to accommodate new aspects as well as keeping faith with the old ones? If you have not, we request you to think on this now. That is both the beauty and mystery of art that keeps drawing people to enhance and enjoy it. Music is an art form that knows no boundaries and limits and when you combine the visual art of decorating an instrument that is used to make music, then it becomes doubly charming. The sight of a young…

Pamela Stevens
Monjardo Studio – Mongiardo Studio Provides The Best Instruments! Studio, Guitars, Guitar Amp, Guitar Porn, Guitar Solo, Electric Guitar Design, Guitar Building, Guitar Design, Music Instruments

Each model is produced by a patent pending process with a visually dynamic finish that will never be seen anywhere else. The models shown have a Mahogany neck with Rosewood fretboard, Schaller tuners, Seymour Duncan Alnico 2 pick ups. They can be ordered in one of three Dichroic colors: Red to Gold, Green to Purple, or Red to Blue. Matching knobs are offered standard or custom made. The total weight is 8.5 LBS. The scale is 24 3/4. Each guitar comes with a one year warranty against…

Martin Taft