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Large Underground Railroad Quilt featuring the Flying Geese pattern - which was signal to follow the direction of the flying geese as they migrated north in the spring. Patchwork, Underground Railroad Quilts, Freedom Quilt, Historical Quilts, African American Quilts, African Quilts, Primitive Quilts, Memory Quilts, American Quilt

Large Underground Railroad Quilt

As promised, here are some pictures of the other Underground Railroad quilt I made using the 12" blocks from Eleanor Burns book, "Underground Railroad". Sorry about the poor quality of the pictures, but it was a little big for my design wall and is quite close to the fluorescent light at the ceiling. That seems to throw the colours off a bit and it's not hanging straight either! At least you get the idea! We had a huge pile of snow today, so I can't go outside and take a picture :-)…

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Underground Railroad blocks

Here's my North Star block which is the penultimate block in this project, the final block being a story to tie all the Underground Railroad quilt together. North Star... And my story block...This came with mini photos of blocks in place but I replaced them with photos of my own blocks I've made to tie everything together. I've really enjoyed this project with my online quilting friends and have acquired some fabric for the back of the quilt which will be perfect so watch this space....but…

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Patchwork, Underground Railroad Quilts, Freedom Quilt, Quilt Meaning, African American Quilts, Pattern Meaning, Spider Costume, Barn Quilt Patterns, Underground Railroad

Printable Underground Railroad Quilt Code Game

This idea has been stuck in my head for awhile, ever since I heard about how quilts were used to communicate to runaway slaves on the Underground Railroad. Their patterns and blocks were a code, providing direction, signifying safety, and issuing warnings (according to some historians). Before my son and I played the game I made, we read the perfect book to pair with this activity - The Patchwork Path: A Quilt Map to Freedom by Bettye Stroud. Having already read a biography on Harriet…

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Quilt showing many of the Underground Railroad Quilt squares. Patchwork, Underground Railroad Quilts, Freedom Quilt, Quilt Meaning, Hand Pieced Quilts, African American Quilts, Granny Square Quilt, The Underground Railroad, Quilt Square Patterns

Underground Railroad Quilt Block Meanings

People have long believed that the symbols used in quilts of the South during slavery were actually used as secret messages for slaves escaping on the Underground Railroad. Come and learn the meaning of the blocks said to have lent the slaves a helping hand to freedom.

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