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Pineapple Rayne

Pineapple Rayne is a Series Two Rayne release. Eyes: Light blue, forward facing. Purple eyeshadow. Face: Open mouthed smile. Coral lips. Arms: Both straight arm. Color: Lavender with red, yellow, and blue streaks. Style: Soft curls, no part. Front section of the hair is pulled back to make a half up half down style. White shirt with a graphic of a hand doing the Shaka hand gesture. Rainbow striped shorts with a red ribbon belt with a faux tie on the right side. The outfit is all one piece…

A Yeletska
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little guy maker

little guy maker / ちっちゃいメーカー my third picrew :0 (first two were years old, ive since deleted them) please credit @reelrollsweat on tumblr *** — ok to use : profile picture/banner oc reference minor edits — do not use : commercial use (merch, print, adopt, etc) tracing pngtuber nft or ai art generator — いいこと : アイコン オリキャラ / キャラデザイン 多少の加筆 — ダメなこと : 商用利用 トレス PNGチューバー NFTとかAI学習 *** — inspiration : toon me by hellosunnycore baby carrot outfit maker by baby_carrot_art おさむメーカー by おさむくん *** 8.8.23…

teenage dream
A Unique Tea Setting For Two Bad Family Photos, Vintage Foto's, Weird Vintage, 웃긴 사진, Photo Vintage, Foto Vintage, Mark Twain, صور مضحكة, Vintage Photographs

A Unique Tea Setting For Two

The Victorian era gave us many great inventions that we still use today - bicycles, Morse code, ice cream as we know it, and even the telephone. The era of Queen Victoria's reign, though, had some pretty bizarre happenings too. Such as ladies getting stuck in doorways because of their extra big dress skirts and constantly fainting as a result of very tight corsets. Also, the London fog did exist, and it comprised of nothing else than heavy pollution from coal mines and the city being in…

Cherie Wagner