Tropical plants

Transform your space into a tropical paradise with these stunning plant ideas. Discover a variety of tropical plants that will add beauty and vibrancy to your home or garden.
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How to create a tropical garden

Heading off to a tropical retreat can involve a plane trip, luggage and lots of money. But you can create an intoxicating paradise in your own backyard – and you don’t need to be in the tropics or subtropics! Even if you live in a temperate zone, you can still create the look of the tropics, without the heat and humidity.

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12 Cold Hardy Tropical Plants to Grow Now

Grow cold hardy tropical plants as far north as New York! Incorporate these cold hardy tropical plants in your garden and enjoy the tropics in your backyard

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42 Stunning Corner Garden Designs for Your Tropical Oasis

42 Stunning Corner Garden Designs for Your Tropical Oasis. Looking for corner garden ideas? Explore these captivating designs that bring a touch of the tropics to your backyard. Get inspired to create a lush and vibrant outdoor sanctuary where you can unwind and escape!

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