Triassic period dinosaurs

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Fauna from the Late Triassic Period of Brazil restored by Jorge Blanco Triassic Period Dinosaurs, Triassic Period, Fossil Museum, Prehistoric Period, Jurassic Park Poster, Dinosaur Sketch, Pet Monsters, Prehistoric Wildlife, Dinosaur Images

Bagualosaurus agudoensis Pretto, Langer & Schultz, 2018 DOI: 10.1093/zoolinnean/zly028 Illustration: Jorge Blanco Abstract A new sauropodomorph dinosaur from the Late Triassic Candelária Sequence (Santa Maria Formation), south Brazil, Bagualosaurus agudoensis gen. et sp. nov., helps to fill a morphological gap between the previously known Carnian members of the group and younger sauropodomorphs. In some aspects, the skull, lower jaw, and dental anatomy of the new taxon…

Dinosaurs of triassic period by Viktoria.1703 on @creativemarket Triassic Period, Mesozoic Era, Dinosaur Sketch, Dinosaur Era, Dinosaur Tattoos, All Dinosaurs, Dinosaur Pictures, Prehistoric World, Dinosaur Activities

Silhouettes of dinosaurs of triassic period of mesozoic era with names: Arizonasaurus, Coelophysis, Ctenosauriscus, Desmatosuchus, Dimetrodon, Eocursor, Henodus, Kannemeyeria, Longisquama, Lotosaurus, Marasuchus, Melanorosaurus, Mixosaurus, Mussaurus, Nothosaurus, Ornithosuchus, Placerias, Placodus, Plateosaurus, Pliosaurus, Postosuchus, Prestosuchus, Proterosuchus, Protoavis, Sellosaurus, Sharovipteryx, Shonisaurus, Smilosuchus, Tanystropheus, Tawa. Files Includes following: - 1 file - EPS…