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Explore a wide range of Bumblebee toys, games, and merchandise from Transformers Prime. Get ready for epic adventures with Bumblebee and his Autobot friends.
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The name Bumblebee can refer to several different characters: Bumblebee, the yellow kid-appeal character from the Generation One continuity family. For toys of this character, see Bumblebee (G1)/toys. Bumblebee, the yellow one-man franchise kid-appeal character from the motion picture. For toys of this character, see Bumblebee (Movie)/toys. Bumblebee, the yellow kid-appeal character from Transformers Animated. Bumblebee, the white backstabber from Animated Shattered Glass. Bumblebee, later…

Abigail Dunnivan
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I supervised the textures and surfacing for this 80's Transformers spin-off movie. My responsibilities included developing the look and creation of textures for Bumblebee, as well as a number of other digital robots, vehicles and sets. In addition, I supervised all texture artists at Industrial Light and Magic and across multiple facilities and helped to guide the look and quality of surfacing for these new designs in accordance with the Director's vision. Our team had a lot of fun…

Mike Miller
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Requests are open! This is my first oneshot book so please be kind! This will be about your adventures with everyone's favorite bot, Bumblebee. If this turns out good then I might do a big book about all the movies. Enjoy your love adventures! Transformers belongs to Hasbros