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Explore creative and fun ideas to share with your friends and family. From recipes to DIY projects, find inspiration to make memories together.
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The power of sharing food recipes on Instagram stories

Introduction Instagram stories and videos, amazing interactive nature has become a whole new level of sharing great experiences and connecting with your target audiences. With the help of this feature, sharing recipes for food stands out as a great impactful, and engaging way to utilise the Instagram platform. The graphical advantage The best part is […]

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Why To Do Lists Don't Work

Research on resolutions is very instructive when it comes to traditional to-do lists. It turns out that motivation to fulfill a resolution such as losing weight or getting in shape goes down after we look into diets or check out gyms. The act of doing something–anything–relieves the anxiety that moved us to make the resolution …

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happy new year...a little gift and a wish! - The Cottage Market

HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAPY NEW YEAR to all of you!!! I hope you rang in 2012 with a smile! I for one am looking forward to the New Year and getting to know everyone a bit better…sharing in your creative spirits and talents…experiencing your lives through your fascinating story telling…being there for your ups and downs…lending a helping […]

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