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This Astronomical Watch Accurately Shows The Solar System’s Movements On Your Wrist. If anyone just has $245,000 laying around they could give me for this.....

The Midnight Planétarium is an incredible feat of engineering, design and artistic craftsmanship. Besides showing the time, this watch also accurately displays the movement of 6 planets in our solar system as they orbit the Sun. The watch took 396 pieces and 3 whole years of work to complete so, along with the precious stones dotting its surface, the $245,000 price tag comes as no surprise. However, one can always dream!

Pamala Owen
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In Urwerk's never-ending mission to produce some of the most interesting and genre-bending mechanical watches on the planet, we now present you with the EMC, or Electro Mechanical Control. We showed you the movement to the EMC here back at Basel, but now the watch has been unveiled, and it's a doozy. The EMC is "the world's first precision mechanical watch in which the timing can be monitored and adjusted by the user, on the fly - essentially? It's interactive.

Miro Jambrich

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