Third grade social studies

Explore a variety of engaging and educational ideas for teaching third grade social studies. Help your students develop a deeper understanding of history, geography, and culture with these exciting activities.

Learning about explorers? Here’s a list of activities that would be perfect to add to your explorer curriculum. EXPLORER JOURNAL Every good explorer has a journal, right? Fleece Fun has a great free printable explorer journal, and there are several ways you could use it. Go on your own exploration adventure and write your thoughts […]

Lauren Leitch
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In third grade our first unit for social studies is a fun one.....geography. The kids get very excited and love to start exploring maps and globes. Take a peek at a few of my favorite classroom activities for geography. I start the year off by introducing interactive notebooks. I explain to my students that these are notebooks that will keep track of our ideas, discoveries and information to help us grow. These are unique in the fact that they are never truly complete, the students learn…

Jennifer Celestine
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Need an easy to use comprehensive resource for the major land masses and oceans of the world? This social studies unit is packed full with facts, features, differentiated reading passages and comprehension questions, a research globe craftivity, and more to help you bring the seven continents and five oceans to life!

Elisa Orozco