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Transform your classroom with a well-designed teacher area. Explore top ideas to create a functional and inspiring space for educators to plan and prepare lessons.
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When I think of what I want my classroom to be for my students, a few different words come to mind: literacy focused welcoming inclusive of all cultures, ethnicities, (dis)ABILITIES, and differences motivating bright I decorated and yes…even designed my classroom layout this year with these five goals. I am pretty excited to share with […]

April Pavin Mazzeo
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Whether you’re a grad teacher, or you’ve been in the gig for years, it’s always a great help to yourself – and your students – to start your school year on the right foot. And especially after the mess that 2020 was, I thought a little reminder, or a mindful prompt, might be just what you need! So, if you’re looking for tips for a successful school set up – you’ve come to the right place! 1. Getting (and staying) organised! It’s something that either floats your boat, or has you rolling your…

Kelley Trivette
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Welcome to my 2019-2020 classroom reveal! This year I made a few changes from last year. If you want to see the “before” click here to see last year’s grand reveal. All of the changes that were made were centered around student choice while making my classroom more organized and functional for myself and my […]

Erica Mull