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Explore stunning tattoo designs for women that showcase creativity and self-expression. Find inspiration for your next ink with these top ideas for tattoed women.
‘Dragon girl’ who went BLIND after tattooing her eyeballs shares draw-dropping photos before her transformation – The Sun Korsett Piercings, Body Tattoos For Women, Amber Luke, Models With Tattoos, Blue Ink Tattoos, Women With Tattoos, Eyeball Tattoo, Girl Face Tattoo

A WOMAN who has spent over £20,000 on her intricate body art and even went BLIND after tattooing her eye balls has shared jaw-dropping photos of what she used to look like.Amber Luke, from New Sout…

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To some of us, tattoos are tiny commemorative pieces of life-changing events; to others - symbols with deep hidden meanings or works of art perfected to infinity. Yet, there’s one other category of tattoo designs that are mostly there to make you giggle, and remember that not everything in life must be serious business. Yup, we’re talking about funny tattoos, and wouldn’t you know it - we’ve also created a list dedicated to funny tattoo designs.