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Hypoallergenic Face Tape: Natural latex-based adhesive tape with no harsh chemicals. Anti-Wrinkle Patches: Reduces appearance of fine lines and wrinkles around eyes, mouth, and neck. Face Lifting Strap: Firming and tightening skin around jawline and chin for a more defined V-shaped neck. Face Toning Belts: Customizable, reusable face wrap with adjustable tension to tone and tighten skin. High Elasticity: Flexible, stretchable tape with strong adhesive holds securely to skin.

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Face Taping Kinesiology sports tape is a safe non-invasive anti-ageing lifting method used to reduce facial swelling and wrinkles. The facial muscles consist of about 20 flat skeletal muscles lying under the facial skin, they originate from the skull or fibrous structures and radiate to the skin through an elastic tend

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