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Discover the origins and powers of symbiotes in the Marvel Universe. Dive into the thrilling stories featuring iconic characters like Venom and Carnage. Unleash your inner fan and start reading today!
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The Symbiote has taken over the world many heroes become nothing but a beast who devours other people cause of the Symbiote and so that leads to us Y/n Brock who have the Antibody or the cure to stop this but you see we are not exactly a good person

Geoffrey Riauté
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Marvel recently released my Design Variant covers for EXTREME CARNAGE--the latest symbiote mega-event. This is concept art repurposed into cover art for the series. As you can see, the Life Foundation Symbiotes (Phage, Lasher, Riot shown here) have just evolved, moving visually towards Carnage red. Artistically, we also wanted to add more visual interest to these characters who (except for Scream) were largely monochrome while also tying them visually to Carnage and individualizing their…

S Petri