Swiss guard

Learn about the fascinating history, iconic uniforms, and important duties of the Swiss Guard. Discover their role in protecting the Vatican and the Pope.
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Hello all, this is my 200th article, and I thought i should do something rather different. I will do an overview of the folk costumes of Europe. I will follow nation-states, as inappropriate as that may be, but i will also cover nations without states. Some very small and obscure ethnic groups will be omitted for lack of available material. I will also not be covering the north Caucuses, as there is simply too much material there. Where there is a recognized or unofficial 'National Costume'…

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The Vatican's Swiss Guard The Swiss Guard, the world smallest army, was formed in 1506 by Pope Julius II. Switzerland may be wealthy now, but 500 years ago it was a poor country whose young men often resorted to seeking work abroad as mercenaries. Swiss mercenaries were in high demand in Renaissance Europe, but the pontifical Swiss Guard in the last remaining legacy of the tradition. The tiny force is responsible for the Pope’s safety, including the security of the Apostolic Palace, and acts…

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