Swimming safety

Ensure a fun and safe swimming experience with these essential swimming safety tips. Learn how to protect yourself and others while enjoying the water.
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Autism & Hearing Impaired Autistic children tend to process information visually and have difficulty when skills are verbally communicated to them. Visual skill cards and tips for teaching children with disabilities can be downloaded and printed out below. These resources are also useful for children who normally wear hearing aids or have other […]

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Look at These Safety Colour Charts Before You Buy Your Kids' Next Swimsuit Bathing Suits, Swimming, Buy Swimwear, Orange Swimsuit, Color Test, Water Safety, Swimming Safety, Color, Kids Swimming

Contributor: Meghan Moravcik WalbertWhen we’re picking out our kids’ swimsuits for the season, we often think mostly about style, age-appropriateness, and comfort. We want something they like, something that isn’t too mature, and something that fits well. But we may not be giving enough weight to another factor that can actually help keep them safer […]

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Summertime brings fun in the sun, days at the beach or lake, and pool outings! It’s a good time to brush up on water safety to help prevent any accidents that can happen around water. Whether it’s at home, at summer camp, or on vacation, being safe in & around the water is such an…

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