Surgical technologist student

Become a successful surgical technologist student with these essential tips. Discover the key skills and knowledge you need to excel in your training and launch a rewarding career in healthcare.

This is the order we learned in lab each week: -Open Gloving-Closed Gloving-Drying the hands & Arms-Self-Gowning-The Surgical Scrub-Turning the Gown-Assisting a Team Member-Draping the Mayo Sta…

Dawn Cornett
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When you watch a medical drama and the scene switches to the operating room, there is usually one star – the surgeon. But other medical specialists deserve their turn in the spotlight because it takes a team to effectively treat patients during an operation. One of those vital support professionals is a surgical technologist, whose service before, during and after surgery is vital to every patient’s health. Even though they may not hog the limelight, surgical technologists are very important…