Surfboard shapes

Discover the different surfboard shapes available and find the perfect one for your riding style. Learn about the advantages and characteristics of each shape and enhance your surfing experience.
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In each lesson, you’ll learn a particular skill, but even more important you will know why you are learning it. With daily in-water lessons, video analysis, surf theories, and surf-yoga along with the amazing meals and mini-adventures in the afternoon, we believe we’ve created the best possible environment to improve on your surfing whilst having […]

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How to Shape and Build Your Own Surfboard – Greenlight Surf Co. Design, Wooden Surfboard, Wood Surfboard, Surf Boards, Surfboard Shapes, Standup Paddle, Surf Board, Surfboard Blanks, Surfboard Design

The internet's most comprehensive collection of surfboard design, shaping, fiberglassing, and sanding information and instruction. Surfboard Design Guide, Surfboard Building Guide, Frequently Asked Questions about Surfboard Building, techincal data sheets for resin and fiberglass use for different surfboard shapes.

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Bluegrass Board Building: Re-Sizing a Full-Size Surfboard Template Skateboard, Wooden Surfboard, Longboard Skateboard, Longboard Design, Paddle Boarding, Wood Surfboard, Boat, Balance Board, Surfboard Shapes

Re-sizing a Full-Size Surfboard Template It is easy to proportionally re-size a full-size surfboard template and maintain clean curves that are derived from the original template shape. It can be done by hand and with "simple" math. You can re-size a template with nothing more than a framing square, a pencil and a batten or a large curve. It can be done on the floor of a porch, kitchen or garage. While a calculator is easier, you do not need one to do basic math. For a directly proportional…

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