Discover the ancient Japanese martial art of Sumo and learn how to improve your strength and agility. Explore top training techniques and take your fitness to the next level with Sumo.
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For two weeks in November, Fukuoka will transform into the home of sumo. The streets of the city will be made more exciting by the odd glimpse of the rikishi (wrestlers), their hulking mass, elegantly fanned top-knot, full kimono and aroma of talcum powder making them an easy spot amongst the regulars...

Emily Hoshida
Woodblock print by Daimon Kinoshita born 1946 Title: Champion Sumo Wrestlers - Takanohana. Art, Sumo, Manga, Japanese Art Modern, Japanese Artwork, Japanese Culture, Japanese Warrior, Japanese, Japanese Wrestling

Yokozuna are Grand Champions of Sumo Wrestling, the popular Japanese sport. Yokozuna is the highest rank possible for a sumo wrestler. In the 1980s the Japan Sumo Association decided to revitalize the old Sumo nishiki-e tradition and commissioned a series of sumo wrestler woodblock prints to the publisher Kyoto Hanga-in and the artist Daimon Kinoshita, born 1946.

Michael Gostigian

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