Stop Motion

Discover the art of stop motion and get inspired to create your own captivating animations. Explore top ideas and techniques to bring your imagination to life.

Akl Ahla | Paper Art | Stop Motion

A collaboration with Akl Ahla, the food content platform that is owned and powered by Domty. In this project, we opted for crafting and stop motion techniques to break the norm with the usual redundant new year's greetings. We utilized the Christmasy am…

Gaby S

6 Cool Stop Motion GIF Animations

What exactly is a GIF? It stands for Graphics Integrated File, and you've probably seen a bunch of them. Widely used for web design and animating business logos and banners, GIFs are also popular on social media for sharing short clips of moving images. That makes it perfect for creating viral bites of stop motion magic! Consider this clip by Ian Padgham. It auto-plays a sequence of frames, and on the surface appears to be a GIF, but it's actually a video file put on constant loop. A true…