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Explore a collection of unique steampunk machines that will give your decor a retro twist. Discover top ideas to incorporate these fascinating and functional pieces into your home.
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Steampunk machines V01, Toni Bratincevic

Over last year I've been working on a bunch of steampunk machines for my future projects. It is a kitbash set that I constantly expand with new assets. These are some WIP images. I'll probably retexture them with triplanar mapping. Now they are just using box mapping for UVs and tileable textures.

Marcia Mangold
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Quick Craft: My $2 Steampunk Raygun

I've been challenging myself lately to come up with cheaper & easier crafts that still look amazing, since I know John and I tend to get a little (or a lot) crazy with the power tools and complicated builds. SO, even though this is hardly new territory in the craft world, I thought it'd be fun to show you guys a simple, mega-cheap raygun build that just about ANYONE can make, no power tools required. In fact, if you already have the paint and glue, this build will only cost you two dollars…

Tracey Tero
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PURE STEAM - Steam Tank by 47ness on DeviantArt

Description More vehicle commission work for Pure Steam...! The beta is out, btw! Check the link for additional info. No 3-D modeling for this beast; mostly eyeballed it with mechanical pencil and then a ton of Photoshop hours. ¦3 (one more vehicle to draw; it should be an especially crazy one...!) ;D