Steampunk lighting

Illuminate your space with unique and creative steampunk lighting. Discover top ideas to add a touch of industrial charm to your home decor.
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I've been on the hunt for amazing steampunk light switches for ages now, and my search has yielded three very different styles I think you guys are gonna love. First, and most common, are the kinetic gear covers from Green Tree Jewelry: ($45 on Etsy) These are gorgeous and fun - and with lots of different styles - but I've always been bugged by the visible light switch. I wanted something more convincingly period-looking for our steampunk room. Then I found these: ( $65 from PuzzlePros)…

Eddward Vincent
Introduction to Making a SteamPunk Light Tube U.S.A. Version 2.0

Introduction to Making a SteamPunk Light Tube U.S.A. Version 2.0: Turn some old junk into something really neat and has many app's. All parts for this build can be aquired fairly easy, The hardest parts to find would be the lamp bases which are the gas valves from a propane gas grill, there are many types of…

Katie Horrell
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Water Valve Light Switch for a Pipe Lamp: I'd seen some steampunk style desk lamps made using pipe with water valves as the switch, and wanted to do something similar for a set of lighted bookshelves made with pipe. Desk lamps using valves as switches are a dime a dozen on Etsy, but findin…

Gordon Peacock