Stealth aircraft

Explore the fascinating world of stealth aircraft and discover the latest designs and technologies used to achieve unmatched stealth capabilities. Uncover the secrets behind these cutting-edge aircraft and their game-changing impact on modern warfare.
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F-16 is one of my favorite aircrafts. I still remember going to my first "air show" with the "thunderbirds" as the main event :) I was 16 years old and it was pure awesomeness! My design brings "stealth" to the old F-16 and making it a 5th-gen fighter. The plane is slightly bigger than the original, to be able to fit more fuel and extend the operational range. Here is the formula: F-16+F-22+F35=Viper 2 :) I am very happy with this design and I hope you like it as well...Cheers!

Z. Holbert