Staying positive

Discover effective strategies to stay positive and embrace life's challenges. Find inspiration and motivation to cultivate a positive mindset and live a fulfilling life.
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Positive Mindset

Being positive in all areas of life is incredibly important these days. With so many people trying to tear each other down, you have to be able to stay strong and confident in yourself. Developing

Positive Mindset Today
Use your struggles and frustrations today to motivate you. You are in control of the way you look at life. Be mindful. Time Quotes Life, Positive Attitude Thoughts, Stay Positive Quotes, Positivity Motivation, Now Quotes, Best Positive Quotes, Bad Attitude, Feel Good Quotes, Thinking Quotes

I REFUSED — Brigitte Linford

Can I share a story with you guys about these photos? These photos reflect a time when my family was really struggling. We were in the midst of a two year stint without steady income. We were already returning batteries and light bulbs to Walmart to buy food for the kids. We were hustling to survi

Brigitte Linford