Spring cleaning schedules

Get your home sparkling clean with these effective spring cleaning schedules. Discover the best ways to organize your cleaning tasks and achieve a fresh and tidy living space.
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You'll love our free spring cleaning printable checklist. We've included a sample schedule of cleaning one room each day to help you tackle spring cleaning!

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Free printable cleaning schedules and checklists to help you plan when cleaning duties are performed. Find a cleaning template below to help you ensure cleaning tasks are done regularly. For more ideas see printable paper and to-do lists and chore charts. Download your free printable cleaning checklist by selecting either

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This printable cleaning schedule is very comprehensive! It contains daily, weekly, and monthly cleaning checklists, but is designed to be easy to manage, not overwhelming. To keep your house tidy without spending tons of time and energy, read my tips on how to keep your home clean with a printable cleaning schedule!

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It may still be frigid outside with -20 degree weather, and it may blizzard occasionally, but it's finally that time of year! SPRING! Where the snow melts and green grass takes it's place, and icy tree branches bud with new leaves and foliage. Where flowers begin to bloom and birds begin to sing. But with spring, comes spring cleaning. There are many people who dread this time, but me, I lavish in it. It's a secret of mine that I actually ENJOY (yes you read that correctly) cleaning. I love…

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