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Law of Attraction is just the tip of the iceberg... The Law of Attraction gets a lot of attention thanks to the popular 2006 Rhonda Byrne film and book, The Secret. What most people don't realize is that there's in face 12 Universal Laws, not just the one. Many people credit The Secret with getting

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MOTHER TONGUE DIVINE LANGUAGE TO OPEN DORMANT DNA TO MAXIMIZE SPIRITUAL POWER ⚛️ LIVE @ 11:11pm cst tonight Mindfulness, Quantum Physics Spirituality, Subconscious Mind Power, Psychic Development Learning, Knowledge And Wisdom, Metaphysics, Mind Power, Spiritual Psychology, Energy Healing Spirituality

As the veil has become thinner tonight, focus on the journey within to allow your soul to speak, connect and guide with this powerful mother tongue activation. Dormant dna , Chakra opening sounds are infused using obsidian and lumerian seed crystals as a base for the messages locked within each of them. This will immediately take effect. Please use safely while sitting or lying down. Benzoin combined with this will give you the ultimate protection and effectiveness, as resin which is the…

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You possess the power to align your mind, actions, and perspective with the truth of who you are, and that power lies in the decision to accept, create, and facilitate change. You can choose to think differently, to respond differently, and to create new habits. It all starts with one tiny choice and is magnified by every other. It is easier than you think. The only real question is, are you ready? © 2019 Universal Lessons LLC, psychicjenniferhall.com

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