Spinach lasagna rolls

Try this mouthwatering recipe for spinach lasagna rolls that will satisfy your cravings. Discover how to roll up lasagna noodles with a flavorful spinach filling for a tasty and satisfying meal.
A fresh take on a comfort food classic: Pesto Lasagna Rolls with Spinach & Cottage Cheese! These easy 5-ingredient lasagna-inspired spirals are made by rolling lasagna noodles with fresh pesto, wilted spinach, melty mozzarella, & cottage cheese. Bake the spinach lasagna roll ups for a fun & feel-good dinner, ready in 1 hour or less! (Vegetarian) #lasagnarollups ##lasagnarolls #pestolasagnarollups #spinachpestolasagnarollups #vegetarianrecipes #vegetariandinner #dinnerideas #easydinnerideas Cottage Cheese Bake, Lasagna Roll Ups Spinach, Vegetarian Lasagna Roll Ups, Spinach Lasagna Roll Ups, Spinach Cottage Cheese, Lasagne Roll Ups, Lasagna Rolls Recipe, Meatless Lasagna, Pesto Lasagna

5-Ingredient Pesto Lasagna Rolls with Spinach & Cottage Cheese | PWWB

We LOVE a good ol’ lasagna night here at the PWWB House, but as much as I love taking the time to layer up a classic lasagna, I was really drawn to the idea of creating a back-pocket recipe for whenever lasagna cravings strike. The solution? Giving traditional lasagna a fun twist with 5-Ingredient Pesto Lasagna Rolls! These lasagna roll-ups are veggie-loaded and so fun to make! Each is layered with fresh pesto sauce, wilted spinach, melty mozzarella, and protein-packed cottage cheese. Simply…

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