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Learn proven spa marketing strategies to attract more customers and increase your revenue. Discover innovative ideas to promote your spa and create a relaxing experience for your clients.
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9 Ways to Boost Spa Retail Sales May 19 • Business Success By providing treatments, spas help fulfill the self-care needs of their clients. But commitments to overall well-being don’t end after the service. Home care is important, too. It connects clients to the spa by supporting their daily wellness regimens between appointments. In addition to encouraging self-care for clients, retail provides a good opportunity to increase revenue for the spa. To do that successfully, boutiques should…

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Being healthy is always trendy The smoothie and juice boom keeps on blooming, but trendy kale already got some bad rep. Does anyone still Zumba? At least running seems more popular than ever. Dieting is out, permanent lifestyle changes are in, and I hope people will forget the trend of infrared saunas soon - because

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