Small charcuterie board ideas simple

Create a mouthwatering charcuterie board with these simple and delicious ideas. Impress your guests with a beautiful spread that's perfect for any occasion.
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A small charcuterie board can still be set up in a beautiful way! These 5 delicious ideas are sure to inspire you for your next date night in or for the next time you have a small gathering.

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Wondering how to make your own graze board or charcuterie platter? A grazing board is great food for holidays or party appetizers while entertaining! Don't miss these tips on making a charcuterie grazing table, party platters for crowds and finger foods graze board ideas — including customizing it to your guests tastes!

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To calculate meat/cheese per person: Aim for 2-3 oz. of meat per person and 2-3 oz. cheese per person for an appetizer. For a 2-3 person board, that would be 4-6 oz. meat and 4-6 oz. cheese. Double the portion of meat and cheese if it will be served as a main course. For a 2-3 person board, that would be 8-12 oz. meat and 8-12 oz. cheese.

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