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The overprint effect is a timeless art style that was traditionally created by manually printing two colours over the same area, but it is also commonly replicated in digital art, where the Multiply blending mode in art software can simulate the subtractive colour mix. The effect is often used to create vibrant poster designs with […]

Heather Eikel
25 Stunning Designs with Colourful Overprint Effects Ink, Band Posters, Illustrations Posters, Design, Illustrators, Art, Graphic Design, Art Deco, Hue

Overprint is a printing technique where two or more inks are placed over the same area, which allows the ink colours to mix and create an additional hue. Creative artwork can be produced by overprinting a second image over an existing print using a different colour. Wherever the inks overlap, a third colour is produced […]

Creatively & Co.
Feminism and Graphic Design: Shirley Craven Design, Graphic Design, Textile Artists, Silkscreen, Silkscreen Design, Vintage Photography, Textile Prints, Screen Printing, Textiles

Born in Hull in 1934, Shirley Craven studied art at Hull College of Art and then printed textiles at the Royal College of Art, 1955-58. In 1959, aged 25, she started work at Hull Traders, a textiles firm founded two years earlier in Willesden, London, by entrepreneur Tristam Hull, who had ‘ambitious artistic aspirations’, (Jackson, 2007, p.104). In 1963, she became Chief Designer and a Director of the firm, where she worked for nearly two decades. In 1960 Design magazine described the…

Josie Brocato