Shaving cream crafts for kids

Engage your kids in fun and messy art projects with these creative shaving cream crafts. Explore unique ideas to spark their imagination and create unforgettable memories.

Keep the kids busy this week with these 7 painting activities that kids will love. The painting activities here all use different techniques, they are all simple and great for all ages. There are homemade paints such as puffy paint and sidewalk paint as well as fun creative activities such as monster blow

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Yes, you can actually make shaving cream play dough! But be prepared, because this is MESSY! And while on the inside, I was trying to hold back my mini freak out about the mess, my 3 year old and 5 year old were loving it. I mean REALLY loving it. I haven't seen them enjoy an activity this much in ages! I'm not sure if they were more into the play dough, or more into the giant mess I was letting them create. Either way, this was tons of fun! (And the clean up wasn't nearly as bad as I…

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Did you know there is a great, inexpensive sensory material in your bathroom cabinet? It's shaving cream! Shaving foam is one of our favorite items to use in kids' play and learning activities. These 10 Shaving Cream Activities for Kids require very little setup and will keep kids busy and having fun. These fun activities are great for sensory play and practicing fine motor skills. The soft and squishy texture of the shaving cream makes it perfect for exploring sensory play. Kids will have a…

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