Sewing darts

Learn how to sew darts like a pro with these helpful tips and techniques. Enhance the fit and shape of your garments by mastering the art of sewing darts.

If you’ve clicked on this post, then you’re probably creating a garment that needs a dart and you need a little clarification on the matter, so don’t sweat

Kayla Guthrie
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If you sew or have used a pattern recently, you may have the question: what are darts in sewing? A dart is a folded wedge of fabric, similar to a triangle, that is sewn in order to give a garment a 3-dimensional contour. Oftentimes this is to allow space for, accentuate, or flatter a female figure’s natural curve. Darts manipulate fabric by folding it and sewing it to a point, known as the apex. The two sides of a dart, which run from the widest part of the dart to the apex, are referred to…