Sennelier watercolor

Immerse yourself in the world of Sennelier watercolor paints and unleash your creativity. Discover top techniques, color palettes, and tips to elevate your watercolor artworks.
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How Big Business kills Artist's Expression - Désiré George Herman, Artiste Aquarelliste Watercolourist Blogueur Blogger

The world of business regulates the lives of artists. Yes, the mythical colour of Daniel Smith, the Quinacridone Gold, is reformulated. Not because of the components, but only because the pigment is no longer available. The different Quinacridones...

Pascal Eekers
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Use Numerology To Add The Most Powerful Colors To Your Day!

(wet canvas) Every single way you can infuse a day with intention will make it more powerful and more positive. With feng shui you can make conscious choices to infuse more of your life and home with personal reminders of what you want to create. There are so many ways to infuse your life with intention and more positive energy and magic. Today, a numerologist (and my sister!) Nicole Claudat share a way that you can tap into the energy of each day and use color to enhance the special days…

Maria Conradt
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Roman Szmal Aquarius watercolours

Last year I received a number whole-pans of watercolour from Poland. They were samples of some of the colours Roman Szmal was working on for his watercolour range. He has now launched them and it was a real pleasure to paint them all out. They are now available from Jacksons in the UK - here is an affiliate link. They are also available here or here and are very affordably priced. You can read more about them on his Facebook Page. This range is 140 full pans with mostly single pigments but…

Leah Sullivan