Second floor

Transform your second floor into a functional and stylish space with these creative ideas. Maximize the potential of your home and create a second floor that's perfect for your needs.
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Havana is a two storey house with 3 bedrooms with usable floor area of 134 square meters. Note that the area of the terraces are not included, for purposes of summing up the total floor are it would be 164 sq.m. This layout would fit in a lot with 146 sq.m. only, having the lot

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If you're worried about building a tiny home that feels a bit too cramped, you should consider an open concept design! It's a chic, modern style, and a great way to offer a continuous, uninterrupted flow all throughout your home.

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Designers often talk about creating a “collected” look. When clients don’t have heirlooms and collections of their own — especially if those clients are young, just developing their tastes and starting to assemble possessions accordingly — this layered and personal aesthetic must be manufactured out of whole cloth. This type of interior, even when deftly […]

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